…at least in a small percentage of people?  Random topic to blog about, yes, but needless to say I’m a little disturbed by this.

Tried it last night, oh it works wonderfully…except I couldn’t taste the omlette I so lovingly made in the morning nor the coffee that I made to go with it.  That freaked me out.  So I retraced my steps.  Didn’t burn my tongue.  Didn’t do anything to otherwise destroy my tongue.  I did try that new mouthwash though.  I remembered looking at it and seeing CPC as the active ingredient and being just a little weirded out by how “chemicaly” it sounded.  I had good reason apparently, to be weirded out.

I went to the Crest website just to confirm I wasn’t insane.  Sure enough, I’m not (shocking I know).


And then, just to make doubly sure, I found this:


CPC has been used as an industrial pesticide?  Nice!

So here’s the thing: I’m a bit of a foodie, I love food…if I can’t taste food, I get really pissed off.  I’m not sure I’ll be using this product anymore.  Go Listerine!